I create bold beautiful images that capture your story.

A Texas Native, I began photographing professionally in San Antonio in 2007. After exploring many areas of photography, my entrepreneurial drive and artistic spirit found a home in commercial and editorial photography. I love working with business owners and publications to create visually compelling high quality imagery that enhances their relationship with their customer.

Locally I’ve created projects such as 1005 Faces; taking portraits of 1005 San Antonio residents across the cultural and socioeconomic spectrum. It was a celebration of the diversity of our community, an expression of each   individual, and way to bring the city together.

Internationally I’ve shared the voices of communities during my travels to Brazil, West Africa, China, and Haiti by documenting daily life from urban cities to favales.

Professionally, I’ve been awarded grants to continue the 1005 project (including publishing a book), funding for projects in Brazil and Haiti, given talks such as TedX and Pecha Kucha, and received various other awards and accolades.

Personally… My work leans towards exploring diversity, individuality, and our connection to place and land with sincerity and compassion. I’m a single parent of the most amazing daughter who inspires me to create and show her how rewarding being a successful businesswomen and artist can be, and open her world to endless possibilities. I also work with intention to maintain a daily relationship with God.

I long to show the world how impressive we humans can be and how much beauty is in the world. My work continues to expand as I incorporate various mediums into my photographic fine art work, explore portraiture and landscape, continue to travel, and take notice of what is around me in the here and now. Still want to know more about me….Take a look at my FINE ART WORK HERE


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AWARDS AND GRANTS Awesome SA Grant July 2013 “Best Photographer in San Antonio” San Antonio Current Winner 2014; Honorable Mention 2015

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